The National Cyber Security Center currently provides the following services:

It is a service that monitors the email servers and web servers of Union Ministries and Government Agencies and provides timely detection of cyber attacks and minimization of losses.

It provides the services to protect against cyber attacks such as DDoS attacks and web defacement attacks of websites used by Union Ministries and Government Agencies. By accessing Web Security Service, there is no need to hire more security vendors, separate firewalls and dedicated monitoring staff. So, It can reduce the cost of departmental funding and keep web servers secure.
It provides 24×7 services for acceptance, investigation, real-time handling and response to attacks complaints across Myanmar, analysis of cyber security breaches, issuing alerts cyber attacks and cyber threats, providing with technical advice on prevention and mitigation.

There are holding seminars and opening trainings on cyber security awareness in union ministries, government agencies and universities.
Increase cyber security awareness by publishing the international cyber security news, domestic cyber security threats and cyber attacks on websites and social networking sites
Dissemination of cyber security guidelines and precautionary warnings.
Cyber Games, CTF competitions and Myanmar cyber security competitions are held annually to enhance the cyber security capabilities and knowledge of university students and youth in Myanmar.
To improve capabilities of departmental staff in information sharing and response to cyber attacks, participate in Asia-Pacific, ASEAN and International cyber security joint exercises such as Drill and cyber remote exercises annually and so on.

In line with changing technology, cooperation and exchanging information and technology with international cyber security organizations and computer emergency response teams (CERTs) not to be lose sight of cyber attacks and cyber security breaches.
To reduce cyber security breaches in Myanmar, interchanging of information with local cyber security organizations and the judiciary.
Coordination with relevant cyber security organizations for taking action and preventive measures on foreign cyber security attacks.
Distribution departmental news writing and Bulletins regarding to the findings of inspections on government members within international organizations on cyber attacks from abroad which is also happening in the country.

Counseling is needed when asked the necessary actions on cyber security for the private sector and the public.
To establish CSIRTs in the local NGOs and the private sector such as Telecom / ISP / Public / Financial / Business, communicating, cooperation and sharing information with them to mitigate cyber attacks and cyber security breaches across the country.
If there are foreign complaints of involving domestic attacks within a cyber attack in a foreign organization, solving the attack by communicating with the relevant organizations in the country.

It is a service that checks, identifies and advises about cyber security vulnerabilities in network security systems and Web servers of Union Ministries and Government Agencies